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Best Dash Cam 2020: Tested, Reviewed & Ranked

Dash cams record while you drive and can capture unexpected incidents. If you to record what happens on the road behind, you could buy a second dash cam, but a ‘front + rear’ model is preferable as it either comes with a rear camera, or you can buy an add-on camera separately as with Nextbase’s latest range so both views are recorded in sync to a single memory card.

Some dash cams will record while you’re parked and will give you video evidence showing exactly what happened. These typically need hard wiring to your car’s fusebox, although some don’t, such as Nextbase’s Series 2 range.

You can send a recorded video clip to your insurer if you want to avoid a claim against your policy. In many cases the excess that you have to pay for a claim is more than most dash cams cost, so it can pay for itself very quickly indeed.

The big question is which dash cam to buy. And that’s why you’re here. Below you’ll find our top recommendations for dash cams at all budgets.

What to look for in a dash cam

All dash cams record video as short clips, and then begin overwriting the oldest clips when the memory card is full. However, look for one with a G-sensor which will activate when an impact is detected as this will protect the current clip so it doesn’t get deleted.

Do I need a dual dash cam?

Some dash cams come with a second camera which faces backwards and records the view out of the rear window or the cabin. For most people, the rear view camera is well worth the extra money, though if you have a 12V accessory socket in your boot as well as at the front of the car it can work out the same price – or cheaper – to buy two separate dash cams, but you then have two memory cards with separate videos.

Don’t be swayed by a wider-angle lens: the higher the number, the smaller everything is in the centre of the image. We prefer a lens with a 140° field of view, or less.

Image quality varies and a higher resolution doesn’t automatically mean better quality. Read our reviews to find out how each model fares.

Manufacturers often talk of ‘night modes’ but this can be just as misleading as resolution. Again, refer to reviews to find out whether a dash cam is any good at recording at night.

Extras features such as GPS can be worth it as it will record your precise location and speed, so you can prove where you were and that you weren’t speeding.

Wi-Fi, on the other hand, is generally not that useful as it’s quicker to copy video clips by removing the SD card and inserting it into a laptop or PC’s card reader.

We’ve found safety features such as lane-departure warning or forward-movement alerts not too useful as they don’t work reliably enough, but those which warn you of safety camera locations can be very useful.

Many models have a parking mode, but you typically have to get your dash cam hard-wired – connected to your car’s fuse box so there’s a constant power supply – in order to use these.

Finally, leave room in your budget for a microSD card as most dash cams don’t come with one. Here are the best microSD cards to buy.

Best dash cams for 2020

Cyber Week is here! The best deals are not always on Amazon. The prices shown below are the best available on our top recommended products, but similar products may also be discounted. See our guide to the best Cyber Week deals .

1. Viofo A129 Duo – Best-value Front + Rear Dash Cam

2. Nextbase 312GW – Best Value

Nextbase 312GW

3. Viofo A119 v3 – Best Parking Mode

Viofo A119 v3 with GPS

4. Nextbase 622GW – Best 4K Dash Cam

Nextbase 622GW

5. Nextbase 422GW – Lowest Price in Range

Nextbase 422GW

6. Z-Edge Z3D – A Lot For A Low Price

Z-Edge Z3D

7. Thinkware F200 – Records Even When You’re Parked

Thinkware F200 2Ch

8. Nextbase 112 – The Lowest-Cost Option

Nextbase 112


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