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DDoS Protection and Less Lag

When you first think of a VPN, you probably think about privacy, security, and anonymous browsing – not gaming. But there are actually a few good reasons to consider getting a VPN for gaming, along with some different concerns to consider when choosing a VPN.

So first up, why use a gaming VPN in the first place? The most obvious reason would be to get around region-locking. A VPN can let you access the internet using a different IP address, as if you were based elsewhere in the world, meaning you can play games that are geo-restricted or just play on servers for other regions – ideal if you want to play together with friends abroad.

There are some security benefits too. A VPN provides some extra protection against DDoS attacks – not a big worry for most while gaming, but a growing threat for those playing at competitive levels, as some players will stop at nothing to get the upper hand or take down their opponents.

There can even be speed benefits too. Using a VPN usually results in a slower connection thanks to routing your data further, but in rare instances, you can actually see faster load times and lower pings with a gaming VPN, especially if you can find one that offers servers close to the game’s own.

What should I consider when buying a VPN for gaming?

If you’re looking for a VPN to play games you’ll have slightly different considerations to other VPN users. The benefits to privacy and anonymity – while handy – are unlikely to be your priority, as they don’t have much impact on gaming performance.

What does matter is your connection speed, so the highest priority will be picking a VPN that offers fast, reliable connections. That means you should look for VPNs that perform well on speed tests, as well as those with larger server selections – in more locations – improving your odds of finding a server that works for you.

Speed is undeniably the biggest concern, but you should also look out for added extras that can help with gaming. Not every VPN offers DDoS protection, but for a competitive player it’s worth looking for, while some also offer dedicated gaming servers that prioritise performance.

Finally, price. This changes a fair bit across providers – look out for those that offer free trials, and consider if you’re willing to commit to a longer contract, which can work out an awful lot cheaper per month.

For more info check out our general guide to all things VPN, and if you think you might use a VPN for more than just games, you might prefer our larger list of all the best VPNs on the market.

Best VPNs for gaming in 2020

1. ExpressVPN

2. NordVPN


3. PureVPN


4. CyberGhost


5. VyprVPN



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