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How to Get the New Windows 10 Start Menu Now

One of the most eagerly anticipated changes to Windows is the all-new Start Menu, 

The feature was extensively teased by Microsoft as it made its way into a recent version for members of the Windows Insider Programme, offering all-new icons and significant refinements to Live Tiles. 

While Microsoft is yet to confirm when the new Start Menu will make its way to Windows 10 devices, it’s widely expected to arrive in the November 2020 update. 

However, Windows Latest has unearthed a workaround that allows all users to get it right now. Here’s how it’s done. 

How to get the new Windows 10 Start Menu now

For this to be successful, you’ll need a Windows device running the May 2020 update. While the update has been plagued with issues since launch, Microsoft seems to have ironed out most of the problems now. 

This process does involve changes to the Registry, which does come with its risks. We’d recommend backing up before you start, which means you can always reverse any unintended consequences. 

  1. Download Windows 10 Build 19041.423 from the Microsoft website. Make sure you’re choosing the right version, which for most people will be one ‘for x64-based Systems’
  2. Once installed, head to Windows Update > Check for update > Optional updates and install Build 19041.423
  3. Open Notepad, either through the Start Menu or typing in the search bar
  4. Copy the following into the window that appears:

    Windows Registry Editor Version 5.00


  5. Head to File > Save As and choose the name ’20H2.reg’. The location where the file is saved doesn’t matter
  6. Type ‘registry’ into the search bar next to the Start Menu and open Registry Editor. You may need to give permission for it to make changes to your device
  7. Hit File > Import and find the file previously created in Notepad. You should get a message saying the information has been successfully added to the registry
  8. Restart your PC and the changes should be applied

The update will also add the changes to the Alt + Tab experience, as has been widely advertised. In addition to quickly switching between programs, this shortcut will allow you to move between individual tabs in Microsoft’s Edge browser. 

If you’d rather download the update by signing up to the Insider Programme, we have a tutorial on that too. 

Want to see what else the next major update will bring? Check out our guide to the Windows 10 October 2020 update. 

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