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How to delete a whole page in Word

Most of the time you won’t know why it’s happened but you’ve got a pesky blank page in Word that’s appeared out of nowhere. Well here’s how to delete pages in Word.

For starters, it might be helpful to get an overview of your document to see how many pages you have and what’s on each one. To do this, click on View at the top of the window and tick the Navigation Pane box within the Show section.

In this side pane, click on the tab which has the icon of four white boxes. This will allow you browse the pages of your document and see what’s going on. Remember you can make the pane wider to change the display and also use the search bar to find words within the document.

Once you’ve found the blank page you want to get rid of, click at the very top-left of the page where it begins. Now scroll to the bottom and hold shift while clicking at the end. This will select everything on the page even if there’s no visible text.

Now hit delete and everything on the page, and the page itself, is deleted.

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