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How to turn off notifications in Windows 10

Windows 10 holds a wide array of useful features that can make our lives easier, but personal preference always wins out, so if there is anything you’d like to turn off or not see again it’s nice and easy to make that happen.

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Notifications can be distracting if you’re running multiple programs at once, as they will pop up at the bottom right of your screen no matter what you’re doing. We’re going to show you how to turn them off.

How to disable notifications in Windows 10

  • Open up the Windows Action Centre found on the right-hand side of the Windows taskbar.
  • Click on the All Settings button found at the top right, with the cog wheel icon.
  • Select System at the top left of the following Window.
  • Click the “Notifications & Actions” from the menu on the left. You’ll find yourself at a screen giving you access to all of the notifications settings.
  • Head down to the Notifications subheading and you’ll find a set of toggles which allows you to customise your notification options here.

If you wish to turn off all notifications then just make sure all of the switches here are turned off.

How to customise Windows 10 app notifications

  • If you wish to customise your application settings a little more than just turning them on or off, then follow the steps below.
  • Head back to the Notification section of the Settings menu.
  • Screen down and find the particular app that you’d like to adjust the notification settings for.
  • Click on the app and customise the settings there to your liking.

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