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Impersonate World of Warcraft Characters With the New Yeti X

If you’re a streaming fan, or just involved in audio production in general, chances are you already know about Blue. The company has been working with producers, sound engineers and more for the past 25 years, producing studio-quality microphones and audio equipment for the likes of Elton John, as well as popular streamers on Twitch and YouTube.  

In the streaming world, Blue is the go-to for gamers and content creators, providing high-end audio capabilities at affordable prices – relatively affordable, anyway! The current collection includes the entry-level Yeti Nano, the flagship Yeti X and now, the Yeti X World of Warcraft Edition, the latest collaboration between Blue and Blizzard Entertainment. 

You might assume it’s the standard Yeti X with WoW-branded details, and while that is true, there’s much more to the Yeti X World of Warcraft Edition than a simple paint job. Aside from the custom battle grey matte finish, gold accents, WoW logo and rune decals around the base of the mic, there are some software features exclusive to the WoW variant that steamers may be jealous about.  

You see, the Yeti X WoW Edition is the first in the Yeti collection to offer voice modulation effects powered by Blue VO!CE technology. Using the Logitech G Hub software for PC, you’re able to quickly switch between various character effects, transforming you into your favourite WoW characters at the push of a button – and these can be toggled via macros on a Logitech G-branded keyboard, allowing for simple access during streams. 

It doesn’t stop at voice modulation either; there are also over 200 HD audio samples from World of Warcraft’s upcoming Shadowlands expansion available to use in your livestreams. Simply queue up the sound effect you’d like, and it’ll be broadcast to all your viewers via your Blue Yeti X mic input.  

“This is an exciting collaboration with Blizzard that brings the World of Warcraft universe to life with Yeti X,” said Doug Sharp, Sr. Product Manager of Gaming at Blue Microphones. “Players not only get broadcast-quality audio, but can transform their voice to bring their personal creativity to their gameplay or stream. We’re excited to see how gamers and streamers will use the new voice modulation effect and the Blizzard HD sample library to entertain audiences and create epic streams.” 

That’s interesting enough for World of Warcraft fans, but we’d argue that with the ability to create your own custom voice modulation effects and audio samples to use in streams, the Yeti X WoW Edition has a lot to offer to streamers in general – not just fans of the Blizzard title. 

As confirmed by Blue, modulation and audio samples are both exclusive to the World of Warcraft Edition with no plans for the features to become available for standard Yeti X owners – for now, anyway. 

We imagine the software features will be rolled out to all Yeti X owners once the excitement for the World of Warcraft Edition has died down – especially considering that, aesthetics aside, they’re the same microphone, complete with four condenser capsules and four pickup patterns to handle just about any audio situation you throw at it.   

Those interested in picking up the Yeti X World of Warcraft Edition can do so for £189.99 right now via the Blue Mic website. For more information, take a look at our full Blue Yeti X review. 

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