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New Google Nest Thermostat Release Date, Price And Specs

Google has announced a new addition to its Nest Thermostat range, introducing a model with a lower cost of entry, bringing it in significantly below the cheapest existing member of the family, the Nest Thermostat E which sells for £199/$169. We take a look at what the new Nest Thermostat has to offer and when you’ll be able to buy one.

Google has announced that the new version of the Nest Thermostat will be available very soon in the US and Canada. The exact wording on the blog post confirming it’s release, which was posted on 12 Oct, states that ‘it will be available in the coming weeks.

You can pre-order the new Nest Thermostat and Google will alert you when the product is ready to ship.

There’s no mention of a release date in the UK and the British version of the Google Store doesn’t even list the model, which isn’t particularly encouraging, but the company usually releases its products internationally, so we hope the delay won’t be a protracted one.

How much will the new Google Nest Thermostat cost?

The official price is set at $129.99 in the US and $179.99 in Canada. Again, with no confirmation of a European release, there’s little in the way of price information. As a clue though, the current Nest Thermostat (3rd Gen) costs £219.99/$249.99. So, if Google drops the price by $120 in the US, then we might see a price tag of around the £130 mark when you take VAT and other regional variances into consideration.

Google has also introduced Trim Kits that act as backing plates to cover any holes in the wall left behind when you remove your old thermostat. These are colour-matched to the four options on offer (Snow, Sand, Fog, and Charcoal), but not included in the box. Instead, you’ll need to spend $14.99 in the US and $17.99 in Canada.  

What specs and features will the new Google Nest Thermostat have?

Many of the initial rumours speculated on the idea of a hands-free interface, based on the Soli technology that Google introduced with the Pixel 4. But, while the technology is included in the new Nest Thermostat, it’s for sensing when people are home rather than to use the interface.

The construction seems to be mainly plastic, rather than the metal chassis of the Nest Thermostat (3rd Gen) and the smooth rotating dial around the edge has been replaced by sensors that detect finger movements, allowing you to adjust the temperature by running your digit around the now non-moving bezel.

The 2.4in IPS display is simple, clean and wakes up when it detects you standing in front of the unit.

The new Nest can be controlled via the Google Home app now, rather than the dedicated Nest app that previous models have employed. This allows you to set a variety of programs throughout the week, with the Nest making suggestions on how to save money and energy by adjusting some of those choices.

There’s also HVAC monitoring, so the Nest can alert you if your heating system is experiencing and problems, and the sensors allow the thermostat to automatically adjust the heating settings when it detects that no one is home.

Here’s a breakdown of the specifications announced by Google;

  • Display: 2.4in QVGA IPS display (240 x 320 pixels)  
  • Sensors: Motion, Temperature, Humidity, Capacitive Touch, Ambient Light
  • Connectivity: Wi-Fi Dual-band 802.11a/b/g/n
  • Bluetooth: BLE
  • Colours: Snow, Sand, Fog, and Charcoal
  • Dimensions: 84mm diameter x 27.25mm depth.
  • Weight: 139g
  • Power: From HVAC wiring and batteries
  • Compatibility: Works with most 24V heating and cooling systems
  • Voice Control: Works with Google Assistant and Alexa
  • Languages: English, French and Spanish
  • Warranty: 1 year

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