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Chromecast with Google TV is missing a major feature

The highly anticipated Chromecast with Google TV is now official but the HDMI dongle doesn’t support Google’s Stadia games streaming service.

You would be forgiven for thinking this would be a guarantee, especially as it would seem natural for this model to replace the Chromecast Ultra – they’re both 4K HDR and this new 2020 model has additional benefits.

However, the Ultra remains on sale – at £10 extra – while Google gets Stadia ready for the Chromecast with Google TV. Sadly we don’t have any solid official details on the reasons why apart from a general sense of it not being ready and the focus of this new product not being gaming.

During our briefing for the device, Google stressed that Stadia is a priority for the company and has since provided the following statement:

“Chromecast Ultra will continue to support Stadia gameplay on the biggest screens in your home. But stay tuned. Stadia functionality is coming to Chromecast with Google TV in H1 2021”

That the first half of next year if ‘H1’ means nothing to you.

Technically that means it could arrive as early as January but such a wide window suggests Google will likely take longer to add support.

I’d love to know the real reasons why because The Verge has managed to go and buy the Chromecast with Google TV and sideload Stadia onto it with a decent amount of success, albeit with an Xbox controller.

With this unusual situation, you’ll have to decide whether to get the Ultra for Stadia or buy the Chromecast with Google TV and wait for support to arrive.

Note that the Chromecast with Google TV doesn’t come with an Ethernet port on the power adapter so you’ll need decent Wi-Fi for Stadia to work smoothly, or use a third-party one.

Although that could, at worst, be a nine-month wait from today, the new Chromecast’s remote control and user interface do make it rather tempting. Get all the details on the Chromecast with Google TV.

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