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Fall Guys Is Adding Big Yeetus and Epic Anti-Cheatus Today

Today Fall Guys will get what its devs are calling the “biggest update since launch,” with new anti-cheat software and a giant, swinging hammer.

This is the first major update to the game since it launched in early August, and should tide players over until the medieval-themed second season of Fall Guys starts some time in October.

The hammer is Big Yeetus. First teased back at the beginning of September, we know that Big Yeetus will appear randomly, and is not your friend, or your enemy.

We cannot confirm or deny reports that Big Yeetus will be voiced by Norman Reedus and soundtracked by Wheatus.

We don’t know much more about Yeetus’s backstory, though it does have its own Twitter account already. It will arrive as one of several random level variations that seem to be intended to add new obstacles into levels at random so that your hundredth run through Whirligig will now be a little different to your ninety-ninth.

The game’s Twitter account has now confirmed that Big Yeetus will make its debut in the game today, in an update that will throw in a few server stability improvements and “SIGNIFICANTLY reduce the number of bad beans while SPICING up the existing levels for the good beans.”

That’s because Big Yeetus is bringing a friend: Epic Anti-Cheatus. Or rather, Epic’s Easy Anti-Cheat software, which developer Mediatonic is introducing to help rein in some of the game’s unrulier players.

This isn’t actually the first cheat detection that Fall Guys has used, and the devs revealed yesterday in a giant Twitter thread (that’s well worth a read) that in fact up until now they’d been using their own tech to detect cheaters and then send them to Cheater Island – a set of servers where they would only play with other cheaters.

For a while there weren’t actually enough cheaters to populate Cheater Island, leaving most cheaters simply falling forever as the game tried and failed to populate a server for them. Recently the first Cheater Island matches kicked off in earnest though. Hilarious as they are to watch, the devs have realised that it actually might not be great PR for the game to have videos of rampant cheating floating around however.

The new patch is due some time today on PC and PS4 – remember that Fall Guys sadly still has no official plans for Switch or Xbox. The long and short of it is that from today, there should be fewer cheaters in Fall Guys, and a sad end to the Cheater Olympics.

Oh, and there’s that giant hammer to worry about…

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