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How to use a selfie stick without a remote control

Some of the cheapest selfie sticks are sold without a remote control or Bluetooth connectivity, but can still take great selfies. Here’s how to use a selfie stick without a remote control.

Selfies are the big new thing in the smartphone world, and manufacturers are piling in the megapixels on their phones’ front cameras. The HTC Desire Eye sitting on the desk in front of me as I type has a 13Mp whopper at the front. Also see: Best selfie smartphones 2015. 

Selfie sticks were an inevitable accessory. They look stupid, sure, but they can help you fit more people in shot for the best groufies, and when held at the right angle they can eliminate the telltale extended arm problem (or ‘selfie elbow’) as you perfect your pout. Also see: Nokia Lumia 735 super-selfie Windows Phone review. 

Loads of selfie sticks are available to buy, costing anything from a few pounds to around £50.

The idea behind many of these selfie sticks is that they come with a Bluetooth-connected remote control that you use to snap a photo. Some, such as the Olixar Smart Selfie Pole, alternatively come with a built-in shutter button at the bottom of the stick. But what about the very cheapest selfie sticks, which come with neither a remote control nor Bluetooth functionality? Here we explain how to use a selfie stick without a remote control. 

How to use a selfie stick without a remote control: Take selfies using a self-timer 

The best way to take a selfie without touching your screen is to use a self-timer feature. Phones running Android KitKat or later and iOS 8 have this functionality built-in, and you can specify either a three- or 10-second delay. There are also plenty of free apps in Google Play and the App Store that offer self-timer functionality. 

The alternative to using a self-timer is to use a gesture (with the arm that’s not holding the selfie stick, of course). 

How to use a selfie stick without a remote control: Take selfies using gestures 

If you’re an iPhone user you should check out the GoCam app from Crunchfish in the App Store. It’s free and lets you capture selfies from up to 10ft away using a simple hand movement. Check out the video below to see how it works. 

CamMe is a similar app for iPads and iPhones, which takes a photo following a recognised hand gesture. 

There’s also Selfie Cam, which automatically takes a selfie when you smile. 

Some Android phones support gesture-based selfies out of the box. For example, the LG G3 supports Gesture Palm Selfie. 


For those Android phones that don’t support such features, Whistle Camera is an Android alternative that will automatically take a selfie when you whistle and then smile.  

Whistle Camera Android selfies gestures

Can I take selfies using voice commands? 

Both Android phones and iPhones support the command “Take a selfie” when you call up Google Now or Siri. Unfortunately, doing so merely launches the Camera app, and the need to press the button yourself defeats the purpose of using a selfie stick. 

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