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When is Apple’s Back to School Sale?

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Apple doesn’t often have sales on its products, but its generosity does spread to the Black Friday and Christmas season – and to Back to School. Every year, the iPhone manufacturer kicks off bundle deals on its Mac and iPad devices on top of its regular Apple Education Store discounts.

In this article, we’ll answer your questions around Apple’s Back to School Sale and how to get a student discount at the Apple Education Store.

When is Apple’s Back to School Sale? (It’s not too late)

Apple kicked off its Back to School sale in the UK on 9 July and will continue the promotion until 29 October, which means you have a little over a month to pick up a free set of Apple AirPods. Shop Apple Back to School in the UK

This year, Apple kicked off its sale in the US earlier than usual on 15 June. It will run until 12 October, which leaves slightly US students less than a month to pick up the deal. See Apple’s Back to School promotions in the US.

Apple typically begins its back to school promotions in July and continues the offers until mid-October. As we predicted, UK sales began around its usual July start date, which was 9 July last year as well.

Running on a slightly separate schedule, Apple kicked off its Asia-Pacific Back to University Sale across Australia, New Zealand, South Korea and Brazil at the beginning of the year. The sale ended 16 March.

Microsoft has also kicked off its Back to School sale. Also see our full guide to the Microsoft student discount with 10% off Surface devices and free access to Office 365 Education.

Is Apple giving away free Beats headphones again?

Not this year. Both in the US and UK, instead of Beats headphones, Apple is offering its popular AirPods wireless earphones.

In past Apple Education Store sales, Apple offered a credit towards Beats headphones with Mac and iPad purchases. This year, the UK and US sale is offering a £159/$159 credit that students can put towards a pair of AirPods earphones, effectively making it free.

Students also get 20% off AppleCare+  and discount on accessories.

In the US, students can also put the $159 credit towards the AirPods with the wireless charging case, worth $199, and get the set for $40. Alternatively, students can put the credit towards the AirPods Pro, worth $249, and only pay $90 out of pocket.

What discounts are available with Apple Education Store pricing for students?

Apple’s educational pricing is available all year long – it’s only during the back to school season that customers can make the most of Apple’s bundled freebies.

UK students and staff can still take advantage of savings via Apple’s educational pricing scheme with up to £280 off a Mac and £80 off an iPad. While students in the US can save up to $200 on Mac and up to $100 on an iPad. US students can also get 20% off Apple Care+ for added device protection. 

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Apple iPad 8 (2020)

Will Apple’s new iPad (8th gen) or iPad Air (2020) be included in the Back to School sale?

From what we’re seeing, Apple’s Back to School with AirPods bundle is only valid with iPad Pro and Mac purchases (including the iMac, iMac Pro, MacBook Pro, and MacBook Air). However, parents and teachers can still get the Apple Education discount on the new iPad devices.

We’re separately looking at all the retailers stocking the 10.2in iPad (8th gen, 2020) right here.

Who qualifies for Apple Education Store discounts?

Education pricing is available to current and newly accepted university students, parents buying for university students as well as teachers and staff at all levels.

Our colleagues over at Macworld UK have put together a full guide on the Apple Education Store.

How to get an Apple Education Discount

Students and staff will need to verity their status via UNiDays in the UK. 

In the US and Australia the verification process is less standardized. While you don’t need any specific ID or login to order for the Apple Education Store, Apple can request to see evidence of your student status at point during or after purchase and can charge you a fee if you lack the proof. 

We recommend you register your details via your university email and have your official student ID card and details at hand whether you order for delivery or in-store collection.

See the full guide on how to get an Apple Education discount over at Macworld UK. 

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