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Haier Debuts A New, Smarter Way To Store Wine

Like all smart Haier, Candy and Hoover appliances, the wine ‘cellars’ (cooling cabinets) are connected via Haier’s new hOn app.

Much of the smart functionality is focused on wine knowledge and enjoyment. In partnership with online wine specialist and retailer Vivino, wines can be identified and catalogued by scanning the bottle’s label.

The connected cellar will be launched in two forms: a mono and a double zone model. The latter of these, as the name suggests, comprises two zones with separate climate control. The double zone model has additional connected functionality as the temperature of the two zones can be managed remotely, via the app.

The app will also advise on optimum storage conditions based on the types of wines in the cabinet. There are also pre-set programmes.

The cellars have features to ensure that the wine is always stored in ideal conditions: external vibration protection, LED lights and an anti-UV glass door. The bottles sit on slatted wooden wine shelves and the user can control the internal humidity via airflow in the cellar.

The exact specs, price and availability of the connected wine cellars will be confirmed towards the end of the year.

With so many good, reasonably priced wines available now, this seems like a great product for someone who wants to take their interest in wine to the next level or to start collecting. Not only does it provide a dedicated space to keep wine at its best but the app will provide added value in terms of expanding wine knowledge and getting the most from your wine.

Wine cellar detail

But if you’re not fussed about the connectivity add-ons, Haier has an existing line of wine coolers, which are very similar in design and contain some of the same functionality (UV protection, LED lights and vibration protection). They have a temperature range of 6-18°C.

However, they’re dumb appliances, so obviously have none of the app-controlled features.

These have been out for a while and are available to buy online now. There are two models. The WS53GDA is the full size, dual zone wine cooler. It can hold 53 bottles of wine and measures 127 x 50 x 54cm. It’s currently available from Appliances Direct for £527.98. 

Haier WS30GA

There’s also a smaller, single zone model, the WS30GA (pictured above), which can store up to 30 bottles. It measures 80 x 50 x 54cm and is also available to buy from Appliances Direct for £358.97.

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