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Nolii Couple iPhone Accessory Range Could Fix Traditional Woes

iPhone accessories come in all shapes and sizes, from Kevlar-reinforced Lightning cables to chunky power packs, but let’s be honest, they can be pretty inconvenient to carry around. That’s what Nolii thought too, and got to work on what the company calls a ‘human-first’ tech accessory collection. The aim? To create iPhone accessories that both look good and make life a little simpler.  

The Nolii Couple range features the company’s patented Click Lock system, allowing you to quickly attach and interchange an ever-expanding range of accessories to your iPhone – as long as you’ve got the Nolii Couple Case, anyway. The simple one-twist system allows you to quickly switch accessories as required, be it a wallet to carry cards, a battery pack to charge your phone or even a fitness band.   

The Couple Case is made from silicone and features a microfibre lining to cushion your iPhone if dropped and avoid scratches, although, without much of a lip on the front of the case, it may make contact with the floor if it lands face-down. Rather than trying to take on the likes of Mous by creating a case that’ll keep your iPhone safe in nearly any situation, the Couple Case focuses on being thin, light and pleasingly soft to the touch too. (That’s not to say there’s no protection though, with a claimed 1m drop protection.) 

So, what can you attach to the £39 Couple Case? One of the cheaper and simpler accessories available is the £15 Wallet, providing users with a single-slot card holder on the rear of the phone. It’s certainly a cleaner, more slimline alternative to traditional leather wallet cases, and Nolii claims that the Click Lock system won’t come loose, so you won’t have to worry about losing your cards either.  

That’s fairly standard, but where things get a little more interesting is with the £49 Battery Wireless and Battery Lightning Cable accessories, the latter of which I’ve been using for a few weeks. Charging a battery when on-the-go, while it’s not happening a lot right now, can be a right pain – especially if you’ve got a chunky powerbank and a long Lightning cable. The slimline 3000mAh portable powerpack attaches to the rear of the phone and a Lightning cable extends out of the bottom, providing a much tidier, simpler charging process. 

For the fitness-focused, there’s also the £35 Nolii Fitness Band. The idea is simple; rather than having to put your iPhone into a dedicated armband when exercising, you can simply strap on the band and click your phone into place when not needed. Then, when you need to check your stats, you simply twist the iPhone to remove it – no more awkward straining mid-run! There are also a couple of small pockets on the fitness band, handy for a bit of cash to stop off at the shop on your way home from the gym.  

You’ve also got accessories like the Loop, the company’s £25 Kevlar-reinforced Lightning cable, complete with a weighted base to stop it falling off the table when not in use, and there are plenty of other accessories in the works for release soon. 

Each accessory is available in a variety of pastel-inspired colours, with up to 40 colour combinations available right now according to Nolii, and I imagine that’ll only grow as more accessories are released.  

There’s an element of longevity at play here; instead of having to buy a new range of accessories when you upgrade your iPhone, you need only buy a new Couple Case. So yes, while some of the accessories are a little pricey compared to the competition, you shouldn’t need to buy another in future.  

The only real complaint is that while Nolii claims that the Couple Case is wireless charging compatible, it does depend on the style of wireless charger you use – my iPhone 11 Pro Max won’t charge via the STM ChargeTree without me removing the Couple Case first, for example.  

If you’re tempted, the Nolii Couple collection is available now for the iPhone X and later, excluding the iPhone SE (2020). For more case inspiration, take a look at the best iPhone 11 cases, and the best iPhone 11 Pro cases too.  

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