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LG Wing name confirmed by company for new phone

In a short press release, LG continued its recent strategy of slowly announcing details of an upcoming product in order to build hype, as opposed to keep everything under wraps.

“LG Electronics (LG) confirms LG WING will be the first product to be launched under the Explorer Project, LG’s new mobile category aimed at discovering new ways to interact with mobile devices, focusing on the evolving and ever-changing needs of today’s consumers and challenging established user norms,” said LG.

The Explorer Project sounds fun, doesn’t it? It might spell the end of conventional phones from LG for the time being. The company has abandoned its G series phones, and the V60 could prove to be the last in the V line (though we hope not, underrated as that phone is).

Instead it released the Velvet earlier this year and is now continuing with Wing. We wonder if the next phone in its standalone series will being with ‘X’?

We’re excited for the Wing as it at the very least promises an intriguing new form factor, and at best could serve to help reboot LG’s somewhat flagging mobile division. You can tune and watch the launch on 14 September.

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