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Hoover H-abitat is a connected, automated home cleaning system

After a very indoorsy sort of year, there’s been a growing awareness of home air quality. Many people now know that indoor air quality can be worse than the air outside, in terms of particulate matter (dust, pollen and all the other bits floating around) and VOCs (gases, often emitted by home cleaning and cosmetic products as they’re used).

Hoover’s latest product is a smart, connected air purifying and cleaning system that offers a genuinely new and fully automated way of tackling the issue. 

The H-abitat comprises three connected appliances – the H-Scanner, the H-Purifier 700 and the H-Go 700 Extra – which work together via Haier’s new platform, the hOn app.

The H Scanner monitors air quality and settled dust levels. When it detects a level of dust and pollen in the air beyond a certain threshold, it will alert the H-Purifier, which will begin cleaning the air – and the H-Go 700, which will automatically start vacuuming the floor.

To kick things up a gear, the hOn app will pull in data about the outside weather and pollen count, and give a higher level of protection at times when allergy and hayfever sufferers are likely to have a particularly bad time.

Companies usually divide their appliance offerings into floorcare or air care, so it’s unusual to see products combined in this way to offer a proper overall solution that benefits the end user. It’s an exciting way of thinking that we hope other companies will follow.

The hOn platform can be used to link all connected appliances from Haier, Hoover and Candy, which gives the consumer a lot of scope to get use from the app.

The Hoover H-abitat has just been announced at the smart home show IFA. The price and release date have not yet been confirmed but we’ll update when we have more information.

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