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Honor’s new smart vac will feature UV antibacterial tech

Honor’s new cordless vacuum has a two-stage cleaning process. First – and as you would expect – it sucks up dust. This is followed by a sterilising process that’s claimed to remove up to 99.99% of bacteria.

The sterilisation works via UV light, which likely means you’ll have to take your vacuuming at a relatively sedate pace to get the full effect of the tech. But the concept is bang on trend in a period that, for obvious reasons, has seen an increased interest in antibacterial products.

The smart vacuum cleaner, which was known as the Clea in China for its initial launch, is powered by a 350W 100,000rpm motor and has 125W suction.

It has a battery life of 65 minutes. However, we’d imagine that this will be on a low/ medium setting only, which tends to be the case for all vacuum cleaner battery life measurements.

It’s described as lightweight but we haven’t yet had the weight confirmed.

It also has mopping functionality. This is a nice add-on but as yet, we’ve only really been impressed with the wet flooring cleaning capability of the Samsung Powerstick Jet, which has a really powerful rotating mop system. Other vacuum cleaners with mopping capability tend to give your floor a polite but ultimately feeble wipe.

As it’s a connected appliance, which works in conjunction with the Huawei HiLink, you’ll be able to get more data via the app. We know it’ll calculate how many calories you burn while vacuuming, which is both entertaining and slightly useless, but there’s no news yet on what other info you’ll be able to access.

The Honor smart vac will be priced at €279 in Europe but the UK price has not yet been confirmed.

Honor will be launching a sonic toothbrush at the same time, priced at €69.

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