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Chuwi’s HiPad X is a £257 iPad Pro Clone that Runs Android 10

Chinese company Chuwi has continued the expansion of its device portfolio with the launch of the HiPad X. 

This new tablet runs Android 10, differentiating it from the already-released UBook X on Windows 10. Powered by MediaTek’s Helio MT6771V processor and 6GB of RAM, the HiPad X comes with a 10.1in, 1920×1200 IPS display with a 16:10 aspect ratio. 

No prizes for guessing where Chuwi got its design inspiration, with the device looking remarkably similar to the iPad Pro. The all-metal chassis may not be able to rival Apple for a premium look and feel but should be sturdy enough to not need a case. 

You’ll probably want to add another accessory though, in the form of a keyboard cover.  This connects seamlessly via the ‘docking interface’ to enable on-the-go productivity, just like the iPad Pro has claimed since it first launched. The HiPad X is also compatible with Chuwi’s HiPen stylus, capable of 1024 levels of pressure sensitivity.

The large 7,000mAh battery should be enough for multiple days of usage, particularly with the HiPad X taking advantage of Android 10’s battery optimisation tools to manage the load on the battery for demanding tasks like gaming. 

Image: Chuwi

Many of these specs are solid if a little unspectacular, but the big selling point is price. The HiPad X is currently available for just £257.43, while even bundling it with the keyboard will only set you back £302.48.

For comparison, the cheapest iPad Pro you can currently buy costs you £769 for the tablet alone. There are plenty of compromises, not least in design and processor power, but for casual usage, the HiPad X may suffice. 

Chuwi has indicated that the HiPad X will be released “soon”, although the listing on AliExpress suggests the device will ship to the UK from 23 September. 

For a more traditional clamshell laptop, check out the Chuwi GemiBook. 

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