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Siemens’ new generation dishwashers have a speed boost

Siemens has announced a new generation of “future ready” dishwashers. They’re connected appliances that have been future proofed via the update capability of the Home Connect platform.

That’s good news for appliance sustainability and good news for consumers who want to know they’re buying a product that’ll last.

They also have some noteworthy features and functionality.

The first thing to mention is the speed boost.

If you forget to set the dishwasher or are, say, cooking for guests twice in one day, you can speed things up via the app, using the “varioSpeed on demand” function. You can choose to make your dishwasher up to three times as fast.

What’s really nice about this function is that you can even speed up the programme mid-cycle.

They also have a dedicated glass zone.

After too many dishwasher/ wine glass interface accidents, I wash glasses by hand. It’s annoying and it means that wine glasses tend to linger on the counter long after friends have been and gone but it’s still better than picking bits of broken glass out of the cutlery basket.

These dishwashers aim to make that a thing of the past with a glass zone that’s designed to clean and protect. Glasses nestle in anti-slip silicone grips, with soft contact surfaces to protect the bases. They’re washed with a gentle flow of water from six integrated nozzles and dried with the addition of zeolite to ensure a sparkling finish without water marks.

The appliances are easy to get going: you can opt for a one touch or no touch start.

You can now start your dishwasher with a voice command – via a home assistant such as Google Assistant or Alexa. And if you desperately need to know if your dishwasher has finished its cycle (do you? does anyone?), you can opt to receive a notification when your dishes are ready.

That may be too much for some but what about one-button operation? You can save your most-used programme for a one-touch start.

The new range has both integrated and freestanding models, in 45 or 60cm width and can be mounted in a raised installation.

There’s no information yet on price or availability, but we’ll update when we know more.

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