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TCL’s Movetime is a Smartwatch Designed for Seniors

The vast majority of modern technology is aimed at tech-savvy adults, so it’s worth taking notice when a new product deviates from that purpose. 

It’s certainly the case with the TCL Movetime, a senior-focused smartwatch announced at IFA 2020. Described as a ‘Family Watch’, the device is designed to help older generations continue to live independently for as long as possible. 

The Chinese company appears to have been motivated by findings from the Pew Research Center, which suggests 16% of all adults over 60 live alone. That figure jumps to 27% in the US, making it one of the highest rates in the world. 

With that in mind, the Movetime has a number of features aimed at making independent life a little more easy to navigate as you grow older. 

Chief among these is automatic fall detection, which records the time and precise location of a fall, before sending an alert to emergency contacts within 60 seconds. This allows for the wearer to dismiss the alert, should it turn out to not be serious. It works alongside the built-in heart rate monitor, which notifies the wearer should their heart rate become irregular, or unusually fast or slow. 

While the Movetime offers a simplistic experience when compared to many modern smartwatches, there are plenty of noteworthy features. Full message functionality is here, so you can send voice or text messages, as well as access photos and even an emoji keyboard. Hands-free calling means family members can check in on their senior relatives at any time. 

A healthy, balanced lifestyle is important at any age, but particularly once you reach retirement age. The Movetime can monitor your sleep and track activity, as well as receive reminders to start exercising or take medication. 

You might have realised that we’re this far into the article and haven’t mentioned specs, because they’re far less important on such a device. For what it’s worth, the Movetime comes with a 41×48.5mm AMOLED touchscreen, and comes with a host of senior-friendly graphics and watch faces. There’s also IP67 water and dust resistance, meaning it can be dropped into up to 1m of water for 30 minutes and not be affected. 

The Movetime Family Watch will be available in the Fall (Autumn) in Europe and North America. It will cost €229, which translates to around £204/US$271.

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